Shark, an innovation in Quad vehicles, was developed to meet the specific needs highlighted in requests from our customers. Compared to the other AGVs in our range, it has a series of distinctive features:

It is our most compact and versatile product, the kinematic “quad” allows it to move in any direction, thanks to its two drive wheels. It has proven to be cost-effective in comparison with the rest of the range and it is able to minimise loading and unloading times. It can reach a potential average speed that is above standard and the fleet is easily scalable based on the production requirements of the tended system.

One single product, multiple applications

Most of our current proposals include this vehicle, sold by itself or together with our other AGVs or other products in our range: it can be used as a link between production lines and an automated warehouse, or more generally for handling between various internal conveyor systems.

Another possibility of application is tending to robotic stations and automated picking bays, where Shark, combined with a robot, can replace the activities performed by an operator. 

Shark can be part of a more complex automated setup, such as the APS 5.0 system, where it actively assists in the picking pallet building process, moving between the various robots dedicated to transferring packages from the mother pallets to the pallets being prepared. 

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